Dentist Moorestown Picasso-Trio

Multi-Functional Panoramic X-Ray at Your Moorestown NJ Preventive Dentistry

Reflecting Maliha Dental's commitment to always provide its patients the highest quality service, they have recently purchased the Vatech Picasso-Trio imaging system. This revolutionary device produces superior image quality, giving Maliha Dental’s amazing team a clear view of a patient’s particular dental issue, and allowing them to make a fast and accurate diagnosis. It also ensures patient comfort and promotes patient safety.
The Picasso-Trio is a dental imaging system that provides multiple views of a patient’s mouth and jaw. Its 3D imaging creates an innovative way for dentists and endodontists to quickly evaluate which treatments would be best for their patients.
By remaining committed to having the latest technology, Maliha Dental is able to offer its patients many benefits. One of the most evident of these benefits is that the images are of the highest quality. This makes it much easier to see what dental issues a patient may be facing, and quickly and confidently make a definitive diagnosis. 
Maliha Dental uses the latest technology for many reasons, not the least of which is the comfort of their patients. Newer imaging systems are designed for patient comfort, and they process images quickly so patients can spend minimal time in a given position. The open design of the Picasso-Trio also allows for wheelchair accessibility.
The Picasso-Trio offers patients a much lower x-ray dose than other imaging equipment, reducing radiation by 40 to 60 percent. This helps ensure the safety of Maliha Dental's patients.
Maliha Dental is confident that this superior technology will keep patients safer and more comfortable at our Moorestown NJ preventive dentistry. It will also allow them to provide a quick and precise diagnosis that will help patients get the best service possible.